Military solidarity foundation's bodies

The Military Solidarity Foundation works through the respective bodies and the Foundation Commission, whose members work on a voluntary basis. The Foundation is managed by the five-member Board of Directors.

Members of the Board of Directors are employees appointed by the Minister of Defence and are appointed to two-year terms with the right of re-eligibility.

Military Solidarity Foundation's bodies are Foundation Director and the Board of Directors.

The Director: Colonel Davor Kiralj

Deputy Director: Branka Vranjić

Board of Directors

The Chairman: Lieutenant Colonel Ante Čokolić

Deputy Chairmen: Colonel Ilija Pašalić, Ivana Božić

Members: Colonel Ante Višević, Iva Varga


The Foundation Commission is composed of nine members from the Ministry of Defence, the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces, the units subordinated to the General Staff and all services of the Croatian Armed Forces.

The Chairman: Major Davor Stanković

Deputy Chairmen: Lieutenant Colonel Ivica Teklić, First Lieutenant Tomislava Papić

Members: Captain Željka Jeličić, Lieutenant Colonel Jagoda Radić, Colonel Darko Badalić, Lieutenant Colonel Domagoj Franić, Lieutenant Colonel Zoran Majnarić, Martina Golem

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