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AT 802 Fire Boss training commences in Zemunik

Foto: HRZ i PZO
Foto: HRZ i PZO

The Firefighter Squadron of the 93rd Croatian Air Base and Air Defence Base in Zemunik took the training of firefighter pilot training on new Air Tractor AT-802 Fire Boss aircraft.

The AT 802 Fire Boss is a two-seat trainer and has been procured for the Croatian Air Force and Air Defence in November and placed in service in the Zemunik Base. The firefighter pilots were previously sent to Spain for training for the mission.

The Platoon Commander, Captain Milan Došen, stressed the benefit of the new aircraft for the Fire fighter Squadron .  istaknuo je kako je nabava novog dvosjeda, Fire Bossa, izuzetno važna za PP eskadrilu jer će omogućiti kontinuirano osposobljavanje novih protupožarnih pilota u matičnoj bazi, a koristit će se i za održavanje trenaže te u akcijama gašenja požara.

"The new AT-802 aircraft has brought major progress in the training of firefighter pilots; it now facilitates the entire process, and upon the completion of the firefighter training, we shall commence the next firefighting season reinforced and better equipped“, said Captain Došen.
The new AT 802 is the sixth of the fleet operated by the Firefighter Squadron, along with six Canadairs CL-415. 

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