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"Wings of Storm" join DC-3 over Croatia

Foto: HRZ i PZO
Foto: HRZ i PZO

The "Wings of Storm" on 12 March 2017 gave their support to  the Breitling DC-3 World Tour project  kicked off by one of the most famous aircraft – Douglas DC 3 - heading from Zagreb to Athens, and performed the joint flying in formation over Zadar and the Zadar Channel.

Douglas DC-3 HB-IRJ was constructed in 1940. It bears the recognisable Breitling sign and will be the oldest aircraft flying the trip aroud the world, which began in Geneva on 10 March, 77 years since its first flight taking off from Santa Monica, the U.S. 
The route to Greece was arranged so as to include the flight over Croatia in a unique formation.

“We are very glad to have contributed our part to the promotion of the unique flight,as the aerobatic groups and aircraft from the countries on the DC-3 will do. This has been a demanding assignment for pilots, as we had to keep our aircraft flying at the DC-3' speed which was around 130 knots, compared to the PC-9 normal speed of 250 knots.  We had excellent weather conditions so it was really a pleasure to fly in a formation with the pilot and the crew of Douglas DC-3 ”, said the Team Leader of the “Wings of Storm“,  Lt. Col. Damir Barišić.

The co-operation is another confirmation of the reputation of the “Wings of Storm“, earned through excellent and repeatedly awarded  performances at various international events, and it also contributes to the international promotion of the town of Zadar and the Republic of Croatia.
The “Wings of Storm“ concluded their activity with the traditional “Salute to Zadar“ over the town's famous landmark “Salute to the Sun“.

Foto: HRZ i PZO 


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