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Minister Krstičević visits the State of Israel

Foto: MOD Israel Media Advisor
Foto: MOD Israel Media Advisor

The Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević is on a two-day visit to the State of Israel from 20-21 March 2017, where he met with the Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Minister Krstičević stated that the Repubic of Croatia considered Israel as a partner for long-term, sustainable and project-oriented co-operation in security and defence.  "The Croatian Government being  strongly focussed on stability and security,  we have been redefining the strategic documents in defence and security in order to establish a new system of homeland security and we intend to co-operate with the partners with adequate approach to security“. The Minister also stated the conviction in the congruence of the national interests of the two countries,  reflecting their shared views despite the geographical distance.

"Both Israel and Croatia faced hardships on their way to independence, and are aware of the importance of maintaining ready for new security threats“", said Minister Krstičević.
The two ministers have signed the Memorandum of Understanding in defence, as a framework for enhanced defence co-operation; “a platform for more intense, productive and predictable ,future defence co-operation , primarily military technical co-operation, education and training, cyber capabilities, paving the way to the co-operation in equipment and modernisation, as well as military economy, technical activities and joint research co-operation“, as Minister Krstičević said expressing satisfaction over the signed Memorandum. 
The two sides also discussed the possibilities to conduct joint training events and exercises, primarily in urban warfare, the courses for young officers and other aspects of co-operation.
Minister Lieberman said Croatia and Israel had very good and friendly relations without open issues. Signing the Memorandum of Understanding we shall expand our defence and security co-operation. In the course of 2017 and 2018 it will be implemented as defined, through the domains of interest for Israel and Croatia“said Minister Lieberman, who reiterated the appreciation for the assistance provided by Croatia in late 2016 with fighting large fires in Israel, at which occasion the Croatian firefighter forces demonstrated enviable  capabilities and professionalism.

The two ministers discussed the future of the combat component of the Croatian air force. “ We  appreciate strongly the opportunity to discuss the fighter aircraft, at our moment of considering and reviewing the available options in the market available to prepare all models before reaching the final decision on the future of the combat component, “ said Minister Krstičević.

The ministers also reviewed  the global and regional security situation. “Successful co-operation implies understanding for the respective views on threats and risks. Croatia is aware that the situation in the Mediterranean and the Middle East reflect on its safety too  and are open to enhanced co-operation and the security and defence consultations“, said  the Croatian MInister.

Minister  Krstičević extended the invitation to Minister Lieberman to visit officially the Republic of Croatia and the Adriatic Sea Defense and Aerospace Exhibition to be held in Split in April 2017, and is to visit the Holocaust Memorial Centre Yad Vashhem. 

Foto: MOD Israel Media Advisor, MORH 

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