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Top athletes serving in CAF take oath

Foto: MORH / OSRH | M. Čobanović / Ž. Raguž
Foto: MORH / OSRH | M. Čobanović / Ž. Raguž

The 6th generation of top-athletes performing military service in the Croatian Armed Forces took their oath at a formal ceremony  held In the Basic Training Centre of the Training and Doctrine Command "Fran Krsto Frankopan" of the Croatian Army, based in the Barracks "123. Brigade HV" in Požega on 22. January 2019. 

The oath  was taken by 11 top athletes (two females) serving int he Croatian Armed Forces  Lovre Brečić, Iva Radoš and Kristina Tomić (taekwondo), Dominik Družeta (judo), Toni Filipi and Marko Milun (boxing ), Ivan Huklek  and  Ivan Lizatović (wrestling) , Miran Maričić (shooting) , Ivan Kvesić (karate) and Robert Seligman (gymnastics).

The ceremony was attended by the  su Envoy of the Commander of the Training and Doctrine Command Colonel Slobodan Krstić and the Commander of the Basic Training Centre Colonel Milan Čorak.

The Envoy of the Commander of the Training and Doctrine Command Colonel Slobodan Krstić congratulated the athletes on doing the voluntary military service nand on the oath taken and wished them success bothj in their military career in the Croatian Armed Forces and in sport competitions.

Iva Radoš, a member of the Croatian national taekwondo  team and two-times winner of the Europe  Games and a bronze medalist from the European and world championships, extended appreciation for the support on behalf of the athletes to support during voluntary military training and stressed that sh would forever remember  the great team she attended the training with and the instructors and commanders who passed on the militaty skills on them,   "The voluntary military training has been a great experience for me that I will always remember. I would recommend to everybody  interested to take the voluntary military service“, said Iva Radoš.

The training of the 6th generation of top-athletes in voluntary service kicked off on 14 January 2019. 
On successful termination of the voluntary military service, top athletes sign the contract with the Ministry of Defence on serving as reserve specialists.

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia  enters into contracts on service in the reserve component of the Croatian Armed Forces, with top Croatian athletes at the proposal from the Croatian Olympic Committee, and based on the Agreement on Co.-operation, Promotion and Development of Sport in the Republic of Croatia.

Foto: MORH / OSRH | M. Čobanović / Ž. Raguž 

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