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1st Sgt Vuljanić wins shooting competition in RS

Foto: HV / 10. HRVCON
Foto: HV / 10. HRVCON

1st  Sergeant Mario Vuljanić a member of the 10th HRVCON to Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, won the shooting competition (the H&K G-36 assault rifle and the P8 - Glock pistol) organised by the GERCON at the Marmal Camp on 7 May 2019. It gathered fifty competitors from ten NATO member nations (HRVCON was represented by five competitors).

The competitors took part in the following disciplines: Glock pistol precision shooting 20m, assault rifle precision shooting at various distances projected through the target size (200m, 150m, 100m, 80m) and from various positions, and performance of push ups between the phases; in full protective gear (helmet, combat vest, gloves, safety goggles).

Among the nine competitors scoring all 16 hits on the target reached the finals in the assault rifle shooting competition were two members of the 10th HRVCON - having ranked 2nd in the pistol shooting and 4th in the rifle shooting disciplines 1st Sgt Mario Vuljanić was proclaimed the final winner.

The medal award ceremony was attended by the Commander of the Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Maik Cohrs and the Commander of the TAAC-N, Brigadier General Gerhard Klaffus.

Foto:HV / 10. HRVCON 

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