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Croatian Air Force takes part in "Astral Knight 19"

Foto: HRZ / M. Karačić
Foto: HRZ / M. Karačić

"We are fully committed and dedicated to the successful conduct of the exercise in which we are representing the Republic of Croatia", said Lt. Col. Jagodić.

The Fighter Aircraft Squadron of the 91st Air Base of the Croatian Air Force on 3 June 2019 joined the joint multinational exercise "Astral Knight", using the Migs21 aircraft.
The Exercise is organised by United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE), and conducted at the Aviano Air Base in Italy and in the territories of Croatia, Slovenia and Germany, the largest portion in the period 3 – 6 June 2019.

The exercise Astral Knight 19 is engaging a total of ca 40 aircraft of the U. S- Army, of the Italian Armed Forces and of the Croatian Armed Forces, in the air space of north Adriatic (shared by Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

The joint operations will comprise practicing of air defence and missile defence, and the training includes a combination of real-life flight operations and computer-assisted scenarios.


The Squadron partially relocated its forces to the Barracks "Pukovnik Mirko Vukušić" at Zemunik, which will be the take- off and landing spot for the sorties.

The Squadron Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Christian Jagodić said the Squadron completed the preparations and are ready to take part in "Astral Knight 19". By taking part in an exercise of the size and scale we are testing, confirming and enhancing our capabilities. We are operating alongside theallies and partner countries, which is a challenge that enables us to acquire new knowledge and skills and to enhance our readiness and interoperability, which will be valuable for combat pilots", said Lt. Col. Jagodić.

Foto: HRZ / M. Karačić 

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