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MoD and Brodosplit sign In-shore Patrol Vessel Construction Contract

Foto: MORH/ J. Kopi
Foto: MORH/ J. Kopi

The Croatian Defence Minister, Ante Kotromanović and the CEO of the Brodosplit Shipyard, Tomislav Debeljak have signed the contract on construction of in-shore patrol vessels.

The 385 mil kuna (cca 51 mil EUR) worth project, signed in the Brodosplit Museum in Split on 2 December 2014,  entails construction of five vessels for the use by the Croatian Coast Guard, modernising the unit.  
Minister Kotromanović expressed satisfaction and congratulated Brodosplit on the awarded contract, which within a 15-month period was to deliver the first new vessel for the Croatian Navy in 20 years. “The Contract will at one hand hep the Croatian Armed Forces acquire new capabilities and on the other promote a new, competitive and internationally marketable product for the Croatian shipbuilding industry, thereby boosting the Croatian economy in general“, stated the Minister. He also commended the vessel project designed by the Brodarski institut and informed of the establishment of a supervisory team assigned with monitoring the construction. Minister Kotromanović also underlined the future growth of the Croatian Coast Guard and the Croatian Navy, and announced new projects under the Long-term Development Plan of the Croatian Armed Forces, such as off-shore patrol vessel, which could also be manufactured in Croatia.  .

“We are most honoured for being awarded the contract that will bring new values in protection of the Republic of Croatia and its marvellous coast and islands. We shall do our utmost to build a high-class asset, and a prospective export product, engaging the Croatian production capacities and the know-how“, said the Brodosplit CEO Debeljak.
The Coast Guard Commander, Commodore Marin Stošić said that the vessels would be equipped with a 30-mm gun and two manually operable 12.7-mm machine guns, as well as with four portable air missile systems.
 "It is the main weapon of today' s Coast Guards. Its speed is 28 knots and it has a high pursuit capability, nautical range and autonomous navigation. It will be operated by a 14-member crew, and the Coast Guard members are already competing for the honour of  being selected for the first crew", said Commodore Stošić
The in-shore patrol vessels are intended for patrolling to monitor and safeguard the sea territory of the Republic of Croatia, and will be used in support to the island population and the search-and-rescue operations at sea. Its wartime purpose is protection of the internal waters and combat and logistic support respectively.

Foto: MORH/ J. Kopi 


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