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"Andrija Mohorovičić"to take part in Joint Operation Triton

Foto: OSRH/ S. Brigljević
Foto: OSRH/ S. Brigljević

The training ship of the Croatian Navy (HRM) "Andrija Mohorovičić" with a crew of 54 (49of the Croatian Armed Forces, and five members of the Border Police unit) commanded by Lieutenant (N) Stjepan GILJEVIC left the Lora Navy Port in Split on 30 July to take part in the EU-led Joint Operation "Triton".

The send-off ceremony was attended by Defence Minister Ante Kotromanovic, the Chief of General Staff of General Staff, General Drago Lovrić, the Commander of the Croatian Navy, Commodore Predrag Stipanović, the National Security Advisor to the President, Josip Buljević as the Envoy of the President of the Republic of Croatia, the Assistant Minister of the Interior Nebojsa Kirigin, and members of the Navy and the Ministry of Interior.
"Andrija Mohorovičić" will assist the Italian authorities/ protect the maritime border and rescue the immigrants in the Mediterranean in the period from August – October 2015, as one of 27 countries which deployed expert personnel and technical assets in the Operation. 

Foto: OSRH/ S. Brigljević 

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