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Minister Buljević visits Croatian Army and Special Operations Command

Foto: MORH/ S. Brigljević
Foto: MORH/ S. Brigljević

The Defence Minister of the Republic of Croatia Josip Buljević, accompanied by the Inspector General of the Croatian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Mirko Šundov, the Director of the Military Security and Information Agency, Brigadier General Ivica Kinder and other senior officials of the Ministry of Defence on 1 February visited the Special Operations Command and the Croatian Army.

The General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces was represented by the Chief of the General Staff, General Drago Lovrić, the Deputy Chief, Lieutenant General  Dragutin Repinc and other senior representatives and the advisor to the President of the Republic, Ante Deur.

Minister Buljević was briefed on the missions and the tasks of the Special Forces Command and of the Croatian Army as the largest service of the Croatian Armed Forces.

During the visit to the Special Forces Command in Delnice, Colonel Perica Turalija, the Commander, presented the operation, tasks and the upcoming activities of the Special Forces. The Minister praised the performance by the members of the most elite unit of the Croatian Armed Forces, and pledged support from the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff  to the Special Forces Command. The Minister also called on to constant effort towards achieving the high standards to build a highly efficient system guaranteeing th security and stability to the Republic of Croatia and its citizens.

The Special Forces Command was established in February 2015, succeding the Special Operations Battalion, in accordance with the Long-term Development Plan of the Croatian Armed Forces in the period 2015- 2024. The command staff  is composed of the members who served in the special units, guards brigades and reconnaissance units of the Croatian Armed Forces. The main mission of the Special Forces Command is to ensure combat readiness of the special forces in the protection of the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Croatia, as well as for the participation in NATO-led operations.

In the Croatian Army Command in Karlovac the Minister was welcomed by the Army Commander, Lieutenant General Mate Ostović, who presented the operation of the service. The Minister stated his appreciation for the engagement of the Army' members in missions and operations worldwide and in assistance to the local population, demonstrating its capability to fulfill any mission and respond to any threat and to protect all citizens of Croatia.
The Minister warned of the many global challenges to the security and stability, affecting Croatia's security as well, and concluded that the building of a more efficient system, the modernisation processes, high performance standards and investment into the manpower remained the constant task and goal of the Croatian Armed Forces.

The Chief of the General Staff, General Drago Lovrić stressed that the Minister was presented the tasks and the level of preparedness of the most élite unit and of the largest service of the Croatian Armed Forces, and had the opportunity to witness to a high level of professionalism of the members of the Special Forces Command and of the Army respectively and the capability of the members of the Croatian Armed Forces in general to respond to any challenges in operations and missions in-country and abroad.

With its 8,000 members the Croatian Army is the largest service of the Croatian Armed Forces. It comprises combat branches (light, motorised and mechanised infantry and armoured units), the combat support branches (artillery, air defence, engineering units, NBC defence, military police and military intelligence units) and the combat service support branches (supply, transportation, maintenance and medical units). In addition to the protection of the Republic of Croatia from external threats, it is also engaged with the international peace support operations and  in-country disaster relief operations.

Foto: MORH/ J. Kopi, S. Brigljević 

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