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Minister Krstičević and General Šundov meet with RS Commander

Concluding their visit to Afghanistan the Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister of the Republic of Croatia Damir Krstičević and the Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces General Mirko Šundov and the members of the delegation  met with the Commander of the Resolute Support Mission, General John Nicholson, in the Resolute Support Command in Kabul.

They exchanged views on the current issues and activities related to the Mission. General Nicholson exoressed appreciation to Minister Krstičević and General Šundov for the Republic of Croatia's commitment to the alliance, the defence of the jointly shared values and the consistent contribution of its Armed Forces to Resolute Support mission. General also emphsised his respect for the efforts invested by the members of the Croatian contingents to Afghanistan, their professionalism and focus on the mission.
Minister Krstičević said he was much pleased to witness to the mark left by the members of the Croatian contingents in Afghanistan, and the efforts taken building the institutions in Afghanistan and contributing to global stability and security.
“The mark  of the Croatian contingents has been recognised by the allies, the partners and the people of Afghanistan alike. The Croatian soldiers have become a brand, which they prove constantly, by their professionalism, credibility, experience and humanity“. The Minister said that Croatian soldiers would continue to contribute to the success of  Resolute Support.

General Šundov expressed his pride over the achievements by the members of the Croatian Contingent. The readiness and ability of the Croatian forces in the exercise of the mission, namely the training, advising and assistance to the Afghan National Security Forces.  The Croatian soldiers are recognised by a professional and responsible approach to their tasks contributing to the security.  During our talk with General Nicholson we underlined the importance of joint operation within the A-5 Initiative in the Resolute Support“, said General Šundov.

Minister Krstičević and General Šundov also met with the representatives of the contingents of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia, integrated into the 5th HRVCON within the A5 initiative and praised their exemplary co-operation fulfilling their mission, doing their part in building of security. 

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