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The 2nd VIRIBUS UNITIS Competition

Foto: Ured Predsjednice RH / D. Opačak
Foto: Ured Predsjednice RH / D. Opačak

The 2nd Viribus Unitis competition - The physical readiness challenge, engaging the members of the various services and units of the Croatian Armed Forces, organised by the Honorary Battalion under the auspices of the President of the Republic was held in the Barracks  "Tuškanac" on 21 December 2016.

The first such competition took place in June 2015.
The demanding and exhausting competition comprised the following disciplines:  pull-ups, indoor rowing, burpees, dead lift, kettlebell squats, box jumps and barbell thrusters. All disciplines required correct repetition in the shortest time possible.

A total of 27 competitors and 15 female competitors took part, the best performing were Cpl Josip Jakim (Honorary Battalion, < 29 y category), Pvt Hrvoje Kardum (Guards Motorised Brigade,  30-39 y category), SFC Sergeant Vjekoslav Krištić (Honorary Battalion, 40 -45 y category), 1st Sergeant Dalibor Delić(Honorary Battalion,  45+ y category). The besf performing female competitors were 2nd Lt. Kristina Kojundžić (Honorary Battalion, <29 y category), Pvt Tina Majić (Croatian Defence Academy; 30 -39y category), StSgt Martina Grof (Honorary Battalion, 40 – 45 y category) and SMA Darinka Kotarski (Honorary Battalion, 45+ y category). Team winners were the Honorary Battalion, the first runner-up was the Croatian Defence Academy and the second runner-up was the Guards Mechanised Brigade. The best performing competitors were presented with the cups and medals by the Envoy of the President, dr. Tomislav Madžar. "This competition is about the promotion of sport and health. Serving the Homeland, which is what you do, is more important than winning any medal.

"You present yourselves, the strength of the units you belong to and the endurant and capable Croatian soldier“, said the Honorary Battalion Commander,  Colonel Elvis Burčul, who also praised the displayed level of readiness of the competitors.

Foto: Ured Predsjednice RH / D. Opačak 

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