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Guards Mechanised Brigade marks 10th Anniversary

Foto: OSRH/ S. Brigljević
Foto: OSRH/ S. Brigljević

The Guards Mechanised Brigade marked its 10h anniversary and the Brigade Day in the Barracks "Kralj Zvonimir" in Knin on 3 April 2017 in attendance of the Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević, the Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces General Mirko Šundov and other distinguished visitors.

Minister Krstičević congratulated the members of the Guards Mechanised Brigade on the anniversary and underlined that they were successors of the legendary brigades of the Croatian Army  - “Tigrovi“, “Gromovi“, “Pauci“ and “Vukovi“, whose contribution to the Croatian victory and freedom was immense. “It is with sadness and pride that we are today remembering all Croatian defenders laying their lives for Croatia. The remembrance of the fellow combatants and heros and their feats served as the model of patriotism and defence of the homeland .The Minister congratulated the members of the Brigade on dedicated work, motivation, professionalism and patriotism they invest into its growth. Their contribution to the security and credibility committed the Ministry of Defence to focus its activity towards improved living and working conditions of the members of the Croatian Armed Forces.

“Wherever engaged, in various operations, you have demonstrated to incorporate the spirit of the invincible Croatian Army born in the Homeland War“, said the Minister.
The Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces General Mirko Šundov extended his congratulations to the members of the Brigade, and said “it was an occasion to remember the Homeland War and pay respects to the fallen, deceased, wounded and missing fellow combatants and friends, to whom we owe gratitude and whose sacrifice we deeply respect..the wartime brigades constitute the solid foundation for the present-day mechanised brigade as the tactical unit of the Croatian Army at high level of preparedness and trainedness. General Šundov also addressed the Brigade's current tasks and the engagement of many members in  international operations and environments, along with the national tasks.
"The members of this Brigade and the entire Croatian Armed Forces have been recognised, both in the country and abroad, as good soldiers and reliable partners and respected by our allies with whose forces you have been contributing to peacebuilding and security throughout the world and have repeatedly received commendations and decorations to great pride of your commanders and other members of the Croatian Armed Forces and the citizens of Croatia. Continue guarding the memory and tradition of the legendary wartime units“, concluded General Šundov.
The Commander of the Guards Mechanised Brigade, Colonel Tihomir Kundid  reminded of the activities and tasks assigned to the Brigade and stressed that its members fulfilled them with due professionalism and responsibility.
"I am emphasising with pride that the Guards Mechanised Brigade is the keeper of the name, the tradition and legacy of the glorious wartime brigades – „“Tigrovi“, “Gromovi“, “Pauci“ and “Vukovi“. You are tied with them symbolically. Each military respects and draws motivation from its history . Motivation is of critical importance, but the history determines the identity of individual members, units and the nation as a whole. We need to look into the future with full respect  for history and tradition“.  
The main ceremony in the Barracks "Kralj Zvonimir" in Knin was preceded by the wreathe laying and candle lighting in respect to the fallen Croatian defenders at the monument of the Croatian victory -"Oluja '95" and the mass served in the Church of Our Lady of the Great Croatian Baptismal Vow in Knin by the military chaplain of the Guards Motorised Brigade, fr Božo Ančić.
The Day of the Guards Mechanised Brigade was marked with the Barracks “Kralj Zvonimir“ Open Day – the barracks in Knin opened its gate to the visitors, who had the opportunity to see the weapons and equipment used by the members of the Brigade.

Foto: OSRH/ S. Brigljević 

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