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"Wings of Storm" visit Frecce Tricolori Base

Foto: HRZ i PZO/ M. Karačić, D. Belančić
Foto: HRZ i PZO/ M. Karačić, D. Belančić

The Croatian Air Force and Air Defence Aerobatic Group "Wings of Storm" on 4 April 2017 returned visit to the Italian Air Force group "Frecce Tricolori" in the Rivolto Air Base near Udine.

"Wings of Storm" were welcomed by the Commander of the "Frecce Tricolori", Major Mirco Caffelli and the Team Leader, Major Gaetano Farina. The two groups discussed the further co-operation and accepted the idea of continuing the mutual visits and joint practices into the coming years as well.
On the occasion of the return visit the "Wings of Storm" and "Frecce Tricolori" performed joint flights.

The Italian pilots joined the Croatian colleagues aboard the Pilatus PC-9M aircraft during their  practice flights, and the Croatian pilots flew aboard the MB 339 during the "Frecce Tricolori" flights, as they also did during their recent visit to Zadar.

"Flying to Rivolto aboard the Pilatus takes ca 45 minutes. We had a warm and friendly welcome. Both groups are in the final phase of the preparations for the upcoming performance season and we are glad that the audience in Zadar had the opportunity to see some parts of the Frecce Tricolori's practice. Our visit to their base at Rivolto on the other hand  was able to see our aircraft and experience aboard them the manoeuvres and flying elements which we perform and for which we are recognised abroad“, said 1 Lt. Darko Belančić.

"The activity has been very useful for both aerobatic groups as it has enabled us to practice outside our home airport and to prepare for the new season by practicing planning and conduct  international overflights. The joint flights and the insight into the pre-flight procedures and flight review enables further practice of the procedures and performance techniques. Although the two groups fly different aircraft, we share a very similar  approach to all segments of aerobatic group performance. It has been a privilege to familarise with the Frecce Tricolori's 57-year long aerobatic experience", said the "Wings of Storm" Team Leader, Lt. Col. Damir Barišić.

Foto: HRZ i PZO/ M. Karačić, D. Belančić 

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