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PzH Howitzer test firing

Foto : MORH /T. Brandt
Foto : MORH /T. Brandt

 Three PzH Howitzers successfully completed live test firing at the training range "Eugen Kvaternik" near Slunj  on 23 June 2017, where all recently integrated systems (a software translated into the Croatian language, a ballistic computer calculating the entry elements and all systems important for the hit accuracy have been tested too. 

Following the firing the Commander of the Self-propelled Howitzer Battalion, Major Dražen Musić  informed us that the operation of the PzHs 200 was tested too in fire positions, including charging and shooting and the checking of the hit accuracy.
"My rating of the firing is fairly  positive;  the commendations go to all members of the Artillery and Missile Regiment which manage the assests and the entire highly motivated personnel preparing the activity“, said Major  Musić.

The project of equipping the OSRH with self-propelled bullets PzH2000 was launched wit the agreement between the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia and the Federal Ministry of Defence of the Federal Republic of Germany in late 2014, aimed at equipping the Croatian Armed Forces with the 155-mm L52 artillery systems that have the capability of engating the targets at 40 km using the smart ammunition  and of the the multiple round simultaneous impact. Equpping of the Croatian Armed Forces with the PzH2000 Howitzers meet the demands for modernisation and provision of the Croatian Army with modern self-propelled artillery weapons and for fulfilling the respective NATO capability targets. 
The Croatian Armed Forces are planned to receive sixteen howiters, of which twelve will be in the operational service,  one will be used for drivers training and the remaining three for the spare parts.

This powerful weapon (worth ca 55 mil EUR) has upgraded the  artillery capability of the Croatian Armed Forces and placed it among the best equipped NATO artillery forces.
The self-propelled PzH2000 Howitzer will enhance the Croatian Armed Forces' capability to deter and fight resolutely any threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Croatia, contributing to the international security and stability in the immediate as well as in broader environments.

Foto: MORH /T. Brandt 

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