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Croatian Parliament adopts the National Security Strategy

On 14 July 2017 the Croatian Parliament adopted the new National Security Strategy, the overarching strategic document defining the policies for national interests and achieving security conditions in view of the changed security paradigm, as no such document was composed since 2002.

The Parliament passed the Strategy with 98 votes in favour, 35 abstains and no votes against.

The National Security Strategy is a fundamental strategic document defining the policies and tools to achieve national interests and providing security conditions to enable a balanced and continuous development of the country and the society.

The National Security Strategy of the Republic of Croatia defines the national interests - the safety of the citizens, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Croatia as the fundamental precondition  of the existence of the state in all functions, the well-being and prosperity of the citizens as indicator of the state's efficiency, democratic political system and stable society; the national identity, international reputation and influence entitling the Republic of Croatia to take part in international processes and shaping of favourable international environment; equal status, sovereignty and existence of the Croatian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the position of the Croatian national minority in other countries.
The Strategy also defines nine strategic goals underpinning the respective national interests.

The drafting of the Strategy and of the Homeland Security Act followed an inclusive approach, in an open and transparent manner and engaging more than  150 experts from various institutions, media, civil society organisations and the academic community.

The Strategy Drafting Commission held a total of six sessions, the Working Group developed four Drafts and presented the the Final Draft to the Commission on 5 June 2017.  The process included eight round table discussions and individual consultations, and a number of suggestions received.

The National Security Strategy of the Republic of Croatia is a general strategic document to serve as basis for the strategies of the individual sectors, the action plans and standard operations procedures for various situations.

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