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Minister Krstičević visits Allied Command Transformation

Foto: NATO
Foto: NATO

The Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević on 14 July 2017 visited the Allied Command Transformation (ACT) in Norfolk, USA. He was welcomed by the Supreme Commander Allied Command Transformation, General Denis Mercier, who prese

nted the mission and the activities of the ACT and also its activity pertaining to the transformation of NATO Command Structure.
The two sides underlined the importance of the development of NATO capabilities, the strengthening of the co-operation among its member nations and the exchange of information in view of the emerging security challenges; they also stressed the need for continued improvement of interoperability, training and exercises for the members of NATO nations' armed forces.

Minister Krstičević emphasised Croatia’s commitment to contribute to enhanced collective defence, to build defence capabilities and promote the co-operation with the partner countries. Efficient NATO means major contribution, which necessitates continued adaptation and transformation of the Alliance within the framework of global peace and security building.

"In view of the changing security paradigm, we need to act better, faster and stronger than the sources of threats. Croatia will maintain its high level of activity with the transformation processes", said the Minister.

The Republic of Croatia has a National Military Representative to the Allied Command Transformation, and staff personnel.

Ministar Krstičević and the Croatian delegation were taken for a tour of the new class aircraft carrier, USS Gerald R. Ford. The Minister praised the opportunity and the vessel.


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