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The new expedition camp of the CAF presented

Foto: MORH/ T. Brandt
Foto: MORH/ T. Brandt

The new expedition camp of the Croatian Armed Forces (“Force Provider“) was presented in the Barracks "Croatia" in Zagreb on 4 September 2017.

The presentation was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević, the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces, Major General Drago Matanović and the U.S. Defence Attache' to Croatia, Colonel Robert Mathers.
The Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević stated: “Our primary task is to bring the soldiers to focus again and restore their dignity; it will be the priority in the current year; we have to do everything to make our soldiers feel safe on a mission, backed by the state and provided with all things necessary for them to accomplish their mission best“.
The U.S. Defence Attache'  Colonel Robert Mathers underlined the development of the Croatian defence system. “The expedition camp signals the growth of the Croatian  defence capabilities and readiness to conduct missions anywhere in the world. Croatia is upgrading its defence and security capacities according to NATO requirements  and its partner relations are getting stronger as well. Therefore Croatia is a crucial partner in this part of Europe“.
2nd Lt. Martina Mataković-Barun who led the tour of the Camp said“It first took us a whole week to set up the Camp, quite a new experience for us: once the training is over it will take  half the time. The Croatian Armed Forces have set up camps before, though smaller and different.  The Camp provides decent living conditions for the soldiers in the field as well as for civilian users in the event of major disasters“.
The Camp consists of  11 tents provides accomodation, messing and hygiene for a 200-member unit and iis intended for the initial phase of the war and peacetime missions and operations under extreme conditions. Eight to ten well-versed soldiers can set it up and put it into operational use within three days.
Seven tents with folding beds are used for accomodation, one tent serves as administration tent, one tent as messing facility (offering four meals a day for 150 persons, 48 persons at a time) and kitchen respectively and a bathroom facility. 
The water using facilities are connected to the water supply and water conduit system.  The tents are on non-inlammafle material.
The Camp was delivered to the Support Command in May 2017; in the meantime the camp set-up and management training was conducted by the U.S. instructors  - presently a 20-member group of the General Logistic Support Battalion and four members of the guards brigades of the Croatian Army are taking it.

Foto: MORH/ T. Brandt 

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