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27th Anniversary of the 1st Guards Brigade ("Tigrovi")

Foto: MORH/ T. Brandt
Foto: MORH/ T. Brandt

On the 27th anniversary of the establishment of the 1st Guards Brigade (“Tigrovi“), the delegation of the Ministry of Defence attended a commemoration for the fallen and missing members of the Brigade held in the Barracks “Croatia“.

The commemoration and the wreathlaying at the monument to the fallen and missing members of the Brigade were attended by the Minister of Homeland War Veterans Tomo Medved, the Minister of the Interior Davor Božinović, the Envoy of the Defence Minister, the Assistant Defence Minister Zoran Piličić, the Mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandić, the Chairman of the City Assembly Andrija Mikulić alongside the family members of the fallen and missing Brigade members.

The wartime commander of the “Tigrovi“ Brigade. Lieutenant General Marijan Mareković (Ret.) reminded of the responsibility the Brigade had during the Homeland War.
"In the words of our wartime Defence Minister Gojko Šušak, it was a sign of big courage and privilege to lead the Croatian forces, and to serve as a model to them. The 1st Guards Brigade was the core and the forerunner of the Croatian armed force.  Years may pass, but the memories remain, since what lives on day by day cannot disappear.  Croatia revives every day the sacrifies of all defenders, and of “Tigrovi“ too; we are using this opportunity to call for togetherness and an eye on the future, quoting General Ante Gotovina.
“For Croatia like a tiger!“, concluded Lt. Gen. Marijan Mareković.
A memorial mass was recited for the 367 fallen and six missing members of the Brigade in the Church of St. Cross in Zagreb, and Military Chaplain Vlado Mandura blessed the monument dedicated to them.
A ceremonial programme marking the anniversary was held in the “Tigrovi“Brigade Memorial at Rakitje near Zagreb.

Foto: MORH/ T. Brandt 

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