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CAF take over in the water purifcation unit donation from USA

Foto: MORH/ M. Čobanović
Foto: MORH/ M. Čobanović

The Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević, the Ambassador of the United States to the Republic of Croatia, H.E. Julieta Valls Noyes and the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Drago Matanović

on 6 November 2017 attended the handover and presentation of the engineering equipment and tactical water purification unit donated by the U.S.
The donated equipment (excavator - loader; two freight transport vehicles and a water purification unit) will be assigned to the General Engineer  Support Company of the Engineer Regiment of the Croatian Army, and to the General Logistic Support Battalion of the Support Command respectively.
Minister Krstičević stated that the donation was another proof of excellent co-operation and strategic partnership between the Republic of Croatia and the United States. "The United States' valuable donations strengthen the capabilities of their partner and allied countries to contibute to international peace support operations“. 
Along with upgrading the capabilities of the Croatian Armed Forces deployed to UN missions, the U. S. as the strategic partner provided another worthy donation – the 1 mil USD water purification unit, which will enhance the CAF's capabilities to assist the civilian community in any conditions“, said the Minister, who concluded by saying that the Republic of Croatia highly appreciated the U.S. assistance provided through the donations, education and training, strategic airlift to international missions and operations areas of operation and other modalities of defence co-operation.
Ambassador  Valls Noyes praised the relations between the United States and the Republic of Croatia. "I have to underline that the Republic of Croaita is an important strategic partner in the region for the United States and a key NATO's partner in protecting peace and stability in southeast Europe.
I believe that the equipment will both enhance the Croatian Armed Forces and assist Croatia in disaster management, which we witnessed to over the past months and we are proud to have the opportunity to help you“, said the U.S. Ambassador. 
In the course of 2017 the Republic fo Croatia has received engineering equipment from the Global Peace Operations Initiative intended for equipping the company declared for the UN, comprising a dozer, a combined excavator-loader,  four 20 kW power units with trailer, a 120-kW diesel generator,  a field kitchen (with the catering capacity for 600 persons), six tipper lorries and three HMMWV vehicles). The Croatian Armed Forces have taken over an excavator/loader and two vehicles  for freight transport (worth 462,000 USD) which is the first component of the total of 3.5 mil USD approved as U. S. - support to the Croatian contingents to UN.
Through the Expeditionary Capability Fund - ECF (a special form of  Foreign Military Fund, consisting in 2 units/systems, Croatia received a tactical purification unit worth 1 mil USD, enabling water purification procedure in any conditions and thus directly contributing to the Croatian MoD's capability to assist the civilian community reduce the impact of natural disasters. The unit serves to remove  the dissolved solids, chemical and solid particles from NBC-contaminated fresh and sea water to the degree acceptable for human consumption through filtering, reverse osmosis (obtaining ca 95 l potable water per 190 l of raw water) and chemical water treatment.     
The U.S.-support provided through donations and other modalities worth ca 500 mil USD has been of crucial importance for the development of the defence capabilities of the Croatian Armed Forces.
Minister Krstičević and Ambassador Valls Noyes toured the newly refurbished dining room in the Barracks “Croatia", a U.S.-supported project which will significantly upgrade the living and working standard of the members of the Croatian Armed Forces.


Foto: MORH/ J. Čobanović 

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