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1st HRCVON eFP excel in shooting competition in Lithuania

Foto: 1. HRCVON eFP-a
Foto: 1. HRCVON eFP-a

The members of the 1st HRVCON engaged to NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence in  Lithuania excelled in the infantry weapon shooting competition held in the shooting range in the Barracks “Rukla“ on 3 January 2018.

The Croatian soldiers performed best shooting with in two categories (the H & K G36 rifle and the H & K P8 pistol) and ranked second overall (although with the equal points as the winning team). 
The competition was organised within the Battlegroup, engaging the German and the Netherlands Contingents (ten servicemen of each contingent) and comprised the shooting with Heckler & Koch G36 (H & K G36) assault rifle, the  Heckler&Koch P8 (H & K P8) pistol and Heckler&Koch MG5 machine gun, Germany and the Netherlands.
All competitors shot the three weapons, and the Croatian soldiers performed best with the  H&K G36 rifles and the H&K P8 pistols, and ranked second overall (though with the equal score as the winning team).

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