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Croatian Coast Guard crew rescues a British passenger fallen from a cruiser

Foto: Obalna straža, Lučka kapetanija Rijeka
Foto: Obalna straža, Lučka kapetanija Rijeka

The members of the crew of the Croatian Coast Guard's patrol boat OB-03 "Cavtat" on Sunday  19 August 2018 successfully completed the search for a missing British passenger falling off the cruiser “Norvegian Star" sailing in the Croatian Exclusive Economic Zone on Saturday  18 August around 23:45.
The OB-03 "Cavtat" Patrol Boat and a PC-9 aircraft launched the search at 6.30 am on the request from the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre in Rijeka.

Based on the provided wind and sea parameterrs at the moment of the accident, and on the precise calculation of the possible location of the missing passenger at the moment of the arrival of the Patrol Boat, its crew spotted her in the sea around 9.40 am rescued in a swift action by a rescue swimmer at 9.45 and brought on board.

Given her stable medical condition, she was taken aboard the same Boat to the hospital in Pula.
The Patrol Boat OB-03 "Cavtat" spotted the missing passenger ca 1,300 m off the accident site, which was 60 nautical miles off the port of Vargarola where it sailed out from on the rescue mission. 

The vessel commander,  Lieutenant Commander Junior Grade Lovro Orešković commented on the rescue action: "We have saved a human life, and nothing else compares to it. Throughout the dramatic rescue action we have demonstrated to be well-trained and skilled. I am proud of the entire crew, and particularly of Ensign Marin Delić, a rescue swimmer  who took the woman, exhausted from the long hours spent in the sea, to the deck".

According to the information provided in the MRCC request, the search also engaged a vessel of the Harbourmaster's Office in Rijeka and three more vessels.

Foto: Obalna straža, Lučka kapetanija Rijeka 

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