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General Šundov attends Trident Juncture DVD

Foto: OSRH
Foto: OSRH

The Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces General Mirko Šundov and his staff attended the Distinguished Visitors Day of NATO-led Exercise "Trident Juncture 18" in Byneset, Norway on 30 October 2018

Some 500 civilian and military represenatives  attended the demonstration of an amphibious landing with a support from the air force and of land forces.

General Šundov commended all Croatian participants  in the Exercise, which confirmed that the allies were united and trained to deter opponents and defen the territories of all member nations in compliancw with the Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty.

"Today's demonstration displays the capabilities of conducting operations in all domains of warfare," General Šundov concluded.

General Šundov na Danu uvaženih gostiju u Norveškoj

During the DVD General Šundov met with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and with the Commander of Allied Command Operations (ACO) and European Command (EUCOM) General Curtis Scaparrotti. General Šundov also toured  the static displayof 15 member nations and met with the Croatian participants of the Exercise.

The Exercise “Trident Juncture 18“ engages ca 50,000 troops  from 31 NATO and Partner countries, operating 250 aircraft, 65 vessels, including the USS sea carrier„“Harry S. Truman“ and some 10,000 motor vehicles; The,LIVEX is taking place until 7.November 2018.

Dan uvaženih gostiju na vježbi Trident Juncture 18

The Exercise saw the participation of 30 members of the Croatian Armed Forces.

The Joint Logistics Support Group, commanded by Brigadier General Darko Pintarić, (presently serving in the Allied Joint Force Command (JFC) Naples. Likewise, two members of the Support Command (Captain Vedran Barić and Captain Tomislav Komjetan).

Two Croatian participants onclude Sergeant Major Zdenko Karasek (presently serving in JFC Naples) is  assigned as watchkeeper of the Joint Task Force Headquarters within the Combined Joint Operations Center, and Major Ivan Šoštarec (presently serving in LANDCOM in Izmir) assigned within the Land Component Command Headquarters North and also a 24-member DCM Company of the Signal Battalion of the Croatian Army, commanded by Major Mario Lukežić and equipped with six motor vehicles and five trailers; the DCM is assigned with providing CIS support to the Local operations control of LANDCOM during the LIVEX, operating the deployable CI LINC-E2 system and the TSGT L satellite system.

Foto: OSRH 

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