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Minister Krstičević meets with Slovenian Defence Minister

The Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević was on an official visit to the Republic of Slovenia on 6 November 2018, where he met with the Defence Minister Karlo Erjavec.

The two ministers agreed that Croatia and Slovenia as members of NATO, the EU and the UN, were promoting  European values and defence co-operation and faced the same security challenges.

They ministers also praised the recent signing of the Memorandum of Understanding to create a Multinational Special Aviation Program and the air crew training centre to be based in Croatia (at Zemunik) to implement tasks of special air forces.

"NATO centre to be established at Zemunik will contribute significantly to the development of new capabilities of Croatian, Slovene, Hungarian and Bulgarian armed forces. The objective of the meeting with the Slovenian Defence Minister is the strategically important co-operation for both the Republic of Croatia and for the Republic of Slovenia ".

Ministar obrane Damir Krstičević u službenom posjetu Sloveniji

"The domain of defence,contains considerable potential for co-peration, among which air force,, with the emphasis on the training of helicopter crews, in the air policing capability  in view of the Croatian government's Decision on the procurement of multi-role fighter aircraft that will enhance  capabilities of the Croatian Armed Forces and its contribution to security of southeast Europe“. The Miister also said the talks covered the co-operation in logistics, education and joint conduct of military exercises in Croatia and in Slovenia.

"Croatian and Slovenian soldiers take part in the UN-led mission in Lebanon, alongside Italian soldiers, ,sharing experiences and strengthening their interoperability", said Minister Krstičević, who also praised the active participation of Slovenian soldiers in isfaction with the active participation of representatives of the Slovenian Armed Forces in the fittest soldier competitions.

Minister Krstičević briefed his Slovenian counterpart on the preparation of the National Security Strategy and the establishment of the Homeland Security System, and stressed that the Government of the Republic of Croatia increased its defence budget and upgraded the living and working standards of the Croatian Armed Forces and announced an appointment of a non-resident defence attaché to Slovenia.

Ministar obrane Damir Krstičević u službenom posjetu Sloveniji

Ministers also discussed the common security challenges, primarily natural and man-made disasters, cyber threats and illegal migration.

Slovenian Minister Erjavec praised the visit by Minister Krstičević (as first foreign minister in his office), which reaffirmed the good co-operation of the two friendly countries.

After the meeting the ministers Krstičević and Erjavec toured the  "Petra Petriča Barracks" in Kranj and observed a demonstration of a NBC defence exercise.

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