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Training starts in Varaždin for "Puma" Battalion

Foto: OSRH / D. Škvarić; D. Varošanec
Foto: OSRH / D. Škvarić; D. Varošanec

The 2nd Mechanised Battalion Puma of the Guards Armoured Mechanised Brigade of the Croatian Army  are taking the "Train the Trainers" course and the young members are  the integration training in their Barracks in Varaždin.

In the four upcoming weeks the  young NCOs and enlisted leaders will undergo training monitored by Staff Sergeant Željko Babunić and Sergeant Tomislav Tunjic.

The "Train the Trainers" Course starts with group leaders, or doctors who have just received training from leader development, who will be familiar with the main tasks they expect in the unit during this process. This is the training that creates the basis for further professional development on the duties of the commander of the vehicle.

The young members took up the 4-week integration training Young soldiers will develop their psychological, tactical and motor plan in the next four weeks to integrate into a unit.

To mark the beginning of the 2nd Battalion "Puma" operation in Varaždin lectures on the history of the Guards Brigade “Pume“ and its role during the the Homeland War, were  delivered by the Chairman of the Veterans Association of the 7th Guards Brigade "Puma" Robert Puja and the Chairman of the Varaždin chapter of the Association of volunteers and veterans of the Homeland War, Varaždin Krasnodar Kišur, who shared their testimonies and facts of the war history of the 7th Brigade ad its role in the Homeland War and independence of Croatia.

The lecture was delivered in St. George Chapel – the patron saint of the Brigade and is concieved to become a tradition, to share history and the spirit of the legendary Brigade with all new members, under its motto "Semper primus" (Always first).

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