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Formal send-off for 10th HRVCON to Resolute Support

Foto: MORH / J. Kopi
Foto: MORH / J. Kopi

The formal send-off ceremony for the 10th HRVCON to Resolute Support i Afghanistan was held in the Barracks "Pukovnik Marko Živković" at Pleso on 1 March 2019.

The send-off ceremony was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević as Envoy of the President of the Republic as Supreme Commander of the Croatian Armed Forces, by the Director of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces Viceadmiral Robert Hranj, the U.S. Defence Attaché to Croatia Colonel Robert Mathers, the Defence Attaché of Germany to Croatia Lieutenant Colonel Dirk Andreas Bocklet and also by representativers of the Diplomatic Corps and Military Diplomatic Corps and members of the Albanian Armed Forces.
Underlining  the complexity and sacrifice characteristic of military profession as well as the importance of the support from the family for the soldiers' serenity and focus on the assigned task Minister Krstičević stressed that both NATO's and Croatia's security was defended at the sites where threats occur.

"Whatever duty you receive during the mission, bear in mind that your own and your colleagues' security is of foremost importance I am convinced that you are going to prove that Croatian soldiers can overcome any challenge".

The Minister called on the members of the 10th HRVCON to exchange experiences with partner forces members, to learn from them and to share their own knowledge and said "Be respectful of the host country just as the previous contingents did – it has been an essential characteristics of the members of the Croatian Armed Forces in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Fulfill your tasks honourably and professionally and return as proudly as you are leaving".
Expressing pride over the conduct and the performance of the Croatian Armed Forces in the establishment of peace and security in Afghanist the Director of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces Vice admiral Robert Hranj said the participation in international missions opened new horizons and offers new experiences. "I am certain that you are ready for the challenges you may face in performing your duties. The Afghan people and other participants of the Mission have shown respect for Croatia's contribution to the training and mentoring of the Afghan National Security Forces; all Croatian contingents left their marks in the conduct of the mission. Dignifiedly represent Croatia and its armed forces as  your predecessors did too", said Vadm Hranj addressing the members of the 10th HRVCON to Resolute Support.

The Commander of the 10th HRVCON Colonel Dragiša Konsa shared his pride over serving as commander of the 10th HRVCON  and expressed belief that they would justify the trust and extend the tradition of the previous contingents in the missions in Afghanistan.

The members of the 10th HRVCON display high trainedness, psychological readiness, courage and responsibility,which guarantees successful completion of all task assigned to the Contingent in  the area of operations", confirmed Colonel Konsa. 


Svečano ispraćen 10. HRVCON u NATO misiju u Afganistan

The 10th HRVCON to Resolute Supoort is composed of 104 members (14 females) and 41 members of the armed forces from the A-5 member nations (31 members of the Armed Forces of Montenegro, six members of the Army of North Macedonia, two members of the Albanian Armed  Forces and two members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The members of the 10HRVCON will be assigned to the Train Advise and Assist Command – North(TAAC-N) in Mazar-e Sharif and to the Resolute Support Headquarters in Kabul, and will exercise advising of the Afghan Army and police and their training institutions, as well as staff duties in Mission commands, and will be responsible for the advisory teams protection and security.

As many as 5,374 members of the Croatian Armed Forces (216 females) have been deployed to Afganistan  since 2003 within the International Security Assistance Force and Resolute Support missions respectively (presently the 9th HRVCON).

Foto: MORH / J. Kopi 

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