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Special MP Company Commander handover

Foto: MORH / T. Brandt
Foto: MORH / T. Brandt

A Special MP Company Commander handover ceremony was held in the Barracks "Croatia" on 1 March 2019, as well as the 26th anniversary of the establishment of Anti-Terrorist Military Police. 

Captain Davor Perak took over the duty of the Special MP Company from Major Andrej Smolek. The Commander of the Military Police Regiment Colonel Mate Radoš said the Special MP Company's members were entrusted with the most demanding and complex tasks. 

”The complexity of your tasks speaks of the trust vested in you by the government of Croatia, and you have met the expectations. You company has been operating for 26 years and gained national and international  recognisability, and will soon be reorganised as Anti-Terrorist MP unit“. Colonel Radoš also stressed that the emerging threats called for constant training and practice and shared his belief that the Anti-Terrorist MP would remain one of the key operational  units of the Croatian Armed Forces“. 

Appreciating the Commander of the MP Regiment for the entrusted leadership of the Company Captain Perak  stressed his intention to continue the very productive co-operation and joint training with the Special Police of the Ministry of the Interior and the Croatian Navy's Training Centre and the intention to upgrade the co-operation with the Special Forces Command. 

"I am very honoured and proud to belong to the Special MP Company, where I my began serving as enlisted soldier, NCO and officer, and eventually the Commander", said Captain Perak.

The outgoing commander Major Smolek appreciated his former colleagues' commitment , trust and support and stressed the honour  and privilege of serving in the special MP unit. 

"We have achieved commendable successes jointly and upgraded  the living and working condictions of the unit. Keep the achievements in your memory; You have chosen a military career, dedicating your lives to excellency and  to your team in support of the cause greater than us", said Major Smolek,  extending his best wishes to the new commander for the successful future career. 

Foto: MORH / T. Brandt 

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