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New members of Battalion "Pauci" receive berets

Foto: MORH / J. Kopi
Foto: MORH / J. Kopi

At the oath-taking ceremony for the members of the 3rd Mechanised Battalion of the Guard of the Guards  Mechanised Brigade of the Croatian Army held in the Barracks of the 4th Guards Brigade at Dračevac in Split, the members of the 3rd Mechanised Battalion "Pauci" were symbolically presented with the red berets.
The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and  Defence Minister Damir Krstičević.

The Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Drago Matanović, the Commander of the Croatian Army Major General Siniša Jurković,the  Commander of the Guards Mechanised Brigade Brigadier General Tihomir Kundid,the  Mayor of Split, Andro Krstulović Opara, by the representatives of the veterans associations and local authorities.

Minister Krstičević congratulated the new members of the "Pauci" Battalion and recalled the first beret awarding ceremony for the 4th Brigade and the Brigade's members  fallen fighting for the homeland.

"All  members of the 4th Brigade came here to take their oaths of loyalty to the homeland as you are doing today. We should never discard their sacrifice, Red berets have always brought peace, freedom, they meant chivalry  heroism and honour.



"The red berets stand for strength, courage, pride, honour, they combine patritiotism and readiness to sacrify and victory", said the Minister.

Minister Krstičević also praised the opinion poll findings, suggesting the Croatian Armed Forces enjoyed the highest level of trust of young citizens of Croatia,"proving that the  Croatian Armed Forces are the true guarantor of peace and security. You are the backbone of the Croatian Armed Forces and their biggest value; wear your red berets proudly and dignifiedly“ .The Minister announced the re-establishment of the Primary Leadership Development Centre.

Congratulating the  trainees on successful completion of the specialist military training  Lieutenant General Drago Matanović stressed the ceremony was an occasion to commemorate and extend gratitude to the fallen and  missing Croatian defenders and respect to their  families
"The war history of the your unit is an example of patriotism and selfless giving, you are successors of the legendary 4th Guards Brigade whose members fought fearlessly during the Homeland War, defying the much stronger aggressor", said Lt. Gen. Matanović.



The Mayor of Split Andro  Krstulović Opara praised the value and importance of the red berets.
"Your decision to serve your homeland in the Croatian Armed Forces is a sign of dignity, honour and valour".

The audience was welcome by the chairman of the Association of the 4th Guards Brigade Hrvoje Pupić- Vurilj, who stated:
"Today begins your service to the homeland; take these red berets as the symbol to guide you and a remembrance of the soldiers who wore them before".

The Military Chaplain f. Božo Ančić celebrated  mass in the chapel "Sveti Križ" at Dračevac on the occasion.

Foto: MORH / M. Čobanović 

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