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Minister Krstičević signs MoU and LoI of co-operation with Hungary

Foto: MORH / I. Firšt
Foto: MORH / I. Firšt

Upon the welcoming ceremony, the Croatian Minister and the Hungarian Defence Minister Tibor Benkő paid respects and laid wreaths at the monument to the fallen at the Heros' Square in Budapest.

After the meeting in the Ministry of Defence ministers Krstičević and Benkő signed the Memorandum of Understanding  between the Government of the Republic of Croatia and Hungary on joint air policing and a Letter of Intent on the establishment of the Multinational Division Command Centre (MND-C).

Minister Krstičević praised the signing of the Memorandum on co-operation in air defence, and related activities towards a more efficient and flexible conduct of joint tasls by the two air forces.

Minister Krstičević signs MoU and LoI of co-operation with Hungary

The Memorandum allows the flying activities by each of the two countries in the air space of the other without prior notice and  diplomatic clearance. It also entails the flights related to search-and- rescue and other missions (weather support, airport services, flight control services etc.).

Minister Krstičević also commended the signed Letter of Intent on the establishment of the Multinational Divisional Command Centre, stressing that Croatia had recognised the value of the  Hungarian proposal for co-operation within the Centre, and was one of the founders of the initiative.

Hungarian Minister Benkő underlined the importance of the signing of the Memorandum and of the the Letter of Intent concluding the years-long talks; Minister Benko said the Memorandum was mutually beneficial and reinforced NATO capabilities.

Minister Benkő congratulated the Croatian side on the 10th anniversary of Croatia's membership in NATO and praised its efforts with increasing the defence budget.

Minister Krstičević signs MoU and LoI of co-operation with Hungary

The Croatian Minister in his turn congratulated the Hungarian side on the 20th anniversary of membership.

Speaking of the marking of the 10th anniversary of membership in NATO  Minister Krstičević  stressed the international military exercise  titled “Immediate Response“, to take place in May 2019 and to engage ca  1,600 members of the armed forces from 12 countries, including Hungary and ending in its territory.  The Exercise is of importance for both countries, primarily in the context of military mobility and enhancing the interoperability of the forces.

The two ministers commended the excellent bilateral defence co-operation, confirmed by the joint engagement in the future Multinational Special  Aviation Training Centre based in Zadar and the Regional Special Operations Command in Hungary. 

The two ministers also discussed the Croatia's forthcoming presidency of the EU and Minister Krstičević invited Minister Benko to visit Croatia. 

Foto: MORH / I. Firšt 

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