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ASDA 2019 visitors observe demonstration of joint capabilities

Foto: MORH / M. Čobanovič
Foto: MORH / M. Čobanovič

The first day of the Adriatic Sea Defense and Aerospace Exhibition and Conference 2019 (10 April) featured a demonstration of joint military capabilities in the Barracks "Fleet Admiral Sveto Letica Barba" in Split.

The event showcased the Croatian and foreign delegations and representatives of the organiseer and exhibitors at ASDA the attained cabilities of joint operations of units and some top prodcts of the Croatian defence industry used by Croatian Armed Forces.

The demonstration engaged the forces of the Croatian Navy - the Marine Company and displayed its Initial operating, capabilities, as well as the prototype of the patrol vessel of the Croatian Coast Guard (the OOB-31 "Omiš"), the Croatian Air Force Mi-8 and the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters of the Croatian Air Force and the forces of the Special Forces Command. and others.


The demonstration received congratulations from the Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević, the defence ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, the Philippines, Georgia, Kosovo, Slovenia, the Deputy Minister of North Macedonia and the Deputy Defence Minister of Albania.
Commending the successful demonstration of capabilities of the Croatian Armed Forces despite the hard conditions the Defence Minister congratulated all the organizers and participants of the exercise.
"The Croatian Armed Forces are unstoppa ble – the soldiers demonstrated the joint capabilities, trainedness and readiness to fulfill any task; they proved their power and respectability", said the Minister.

The Chief of the General Staff of theCroatian Armed Forces General Mirko Šundov said the joint exercise combined the known existing capabilities of the Croatian Armed Forces with the newly acquiered ones.
"ASDA is a good opportunity to familiarise with the new technologies important for the future", said General Šundov.

The Director of the TNT Productions Inc. highly praised the demonstration "I am sure that you are proud of your soldiers", said Justin Webb.

The Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander of the Croatian Navy Commodore Damir Dojkić also commended the conduct of the demonstration.


"The Croatian Armed Forces have repeatedly proved their capability to operate in any conditions, this time in an exercise which featured a response to a highly demanding scenario", said Commodore Dojkić.

The Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia General Mirko Šundov said that the joint exercise was a part of the already well-known and completely new capabilities of the Croatian Army.

"ASDA is a good opportunity and the Croatian Army sees new technologies that will be important in the time ahead," Šundov added, pointing out satisfaction with the fact that Croatian soldiers are equipped with Croatian products.

Foto: MORH/ M. Čobanović 


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