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Easter wishes from the Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister

Dear members of the Croatian Armed Forces and dear employees  of the Ministry of Defence.

In the days ahead of the most important holiday – Easter – we are reflecting on the magnitude of Jesus's sacrifice for the humans, to guide us in our daily lives and activity, reinforces our hope and encourages selflessness.

Our thoughts and prayers are dedicated to Croatian defenders, who selflessly sacrified their lives  for the peace and freedom of Croatia -  their homeland. We are keeping a lasting  memory of our defenders, who are our pride and inspiration, and our Easter wishes go to their  families.

Easter is a sacrifice and  an announcement of life. It can incite us to find inspiration for further growth and strengthening of our professional and human relations.

I am extending Easter wishes to all our members in the peace missions and operations worldwide, who are committed to protecting and promoting peace, and to their families who spend their Easter holiday far from them.
To all soliders, NCOs, officers, civil employees who accomplish their noble tasks day by day and to their families I wish a happy and blessed Easter and all the best in their personal and professional lives.


Deputy Prime Minister and
Defence Minister of the Republic of Croatia

Damir Krstičević

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