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Lt. Gern Shepro: "Croatian Armed Forces are impressive, take pride in them"

Foto: MORH / J. Kopi
Foto: MORH / J. Kopi

Deputy Chairman of NATO Military Committee Lieutenant General Steven M. Shepro (US) is heading NATO Military Committee delegation on an official visit to the Republic of Croatia on thge occasion of 10th anniversary of Croatia's membership in NATO and the 28th anniversary the establishment of the Croatian Armed Forces, and is attending the formal ceremony held in the "Vatroslav Lisinski" Concert Hall on 28 May 2019 to celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of the Croatian Armed Force and of the Croatian Army Day.

Lt. Gen. Shepro said: "It is a great honour to attend the marking of the anniversary of the establishment of the Croatian Armed Forces, NATO highly appreciates the Croatian contribution, and Croatia has been a member for ten years. Each member nation is important regardless of its size, for its resources, capabilities and commitment. The readiness of the Croatian Armed Forces is commendable. On my visit to Lithuania I was impressed with the stamina and professionalism of the Croatian soldiers in the mission, which is for sure a heritage of the Homeland War. The Croatian Armed Forces are an impressive military, and you should take great pride".

General Shepro, an experienced military pilot, stated: "A military aircraft is just a part of the system, along with system maintenance, and other components. I am sure that with the current leadership Croatia will make the right decisions. I agree that it is necessary to modernise the Croatian Air Force; the air capability is necessary given the growing cyber-related and other forms of threats".

During the visit of the delegation of NATO Military Committee, General Shepro met with the Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević and the Chief of General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces General Mirko Šundov, and delivered a lecture in the Croatian Defence Academy "Dr. Franjo Tuđman" for its students. And attended the ceremonial programme at the Jarun Lake Recreational Area and the formal ceremony held in Dom HV "Zvonimir".

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