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A joint flypast "Wings of Storm" and "Red Arows" over Zadar channel

Foto: HRZ / R. Ribarić; M. Karačić; RAF
Foto: HRZ / R. Ribarić; M. Karačić; RAF "Red Arrows"

The Croatian Air Force's aerobatic team "Wings of Storm" and the UK Royal Air Force's "Red Arrows" on 31 May 2019 performed a joint salute flypast over the Zadar channel.

A unique 16-aircraft formation (conprised of 6 Croatian Pilatus PC-9M and 10 British BAE HAWK T-1 aircraft respectively) was headed by Captain Darko Belančić, the "Wings of Storm" Team Leader.

Captain Belančić said that "Wings of the Storm" had welcomed one of the world's most famed aerobatic groups in the airspace over Biograd n/m, where the two groups composed  a joint formation and flew past over to the Base at Zemunik.

We welcomed and saluted our dear colleagues and friends over the Croatian coast. We enjoyed the flypast and the impressive sight of the  two complete line-ups of  the Croatian and British aerobatic group in the space over Biograd to Zadar. It was a singular event in Croatia and a unique  experience for us. We received the appreciation from the "Red Arrows" too, who were delighted with the welcome and the jointly performed flight", said Captain Belančić.


Pozdravni prelet

This is the fourth visit  of the "Red Arrows" to the 93rd Air Base at Zemunik, which was a stop on their way to Tanagra Base in Greece, where they have successfully completed the month-long preparations for the Season 2019, featuring  numerous performances in the United Kingdom, in various European countries and in North America.

"Red Arrows" were established in 1965 and have so far performed nearly 4,900 times in 57 countries worldwide. Their full sequence (25 minutes) comprises some  25 manoeuvrs. "Red Arrows" are recognisable for its dynamic and attractive manoeuvres and the trail  in the colours of the UK national flag. The sequences are flown by 9 pilots on BAE HAWK T-1, headed by Major Martin Pert (for the 2019 Season).

Foto: HRZ / R. Ribarić; M. Karačić; RAF "Red Arrows" 

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