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Croatia delivers donated infantry weapons to Mali

The Republic of Croatia has delivered the weapons donated by its Government to the Republic of Mali based on the Government’s Decision of the 11 April 2013.

Following the completion of the respective export procedure and provision of the End User Confirmation, the weapons were shipped to Mali on 15th June 2013 and delivered to the representatives of the Ministry of Defence of Mali.

As the Armed Forces of Mali are in need of all types of equipment, including the basic infantry weapons, the Republic of Croatia has donated 50 pistols (7.62-mm caliber), 1000 assault rifles (7.62- mm caliber) 50 M 91 mortars (60 mm caliber) and 10 000 mines (60-mm caliber).

The value of the donation totals 1 060 666, 65 HRK or 142180.51 EUR (VTA excluded).

The weapons have been donated in assistance to the efforts of the EU Training Mission Mali to upgrade the military capability of the Mali Government to re-establish the territorial integrity of the country, under the civilian command. The donation was conducted following the operational estimates that the Armed Forces of Mali are poorly equipped and ill-organised.

In view of the situation going on over the past year, including the in-country instability, two military côups and the separatism of the armed groups located to the north of the country, Mali has been faced with security and humanitarian crisis, prompting the government to request support from the EU with the training of the Armed Forces and equipping with the necessary material assets, primarily weapons and ammunition. The EU Training Mission Mali was launched on 18 February 2013, aimed at advising and military training of the Mali Armed Forces with command and control, logistics, human resources and with the international humanitarian law, civilian protection and human rights.

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