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Croatian MoD release in reaction to the article posted on the

In referrence to the article posted on the Hungarian web-site www., titled "Croatia Requests air Space Protection from Hungary“, the Ministry of Defence of the Republic Croatia is not authorised to comment the Hungarian media content, and is not acquainted with the source of the claims.

 The Republic of Croatia has not requested the assistance from Hungary on the matter of protection of the Croatian air space as the Croatian Armed Forces possess the capability of control and protection of the Croatian air space and expect to retain it.

During her recent stay in Visegrád, participating at the informal meeting of defence ministers of the Central European Defence Co-operation, the Croatian Deputy Defence Minister Višnja Tafra in her address „The Operation and the Future of the Central European Defence Co-operation“ touched upon the possibility to consider   multi-national approach in the maintenance of the air policing capabilit y, concieved within a long-term period and depending on the interest of the Central European countries, without proposing any concrete projects or bilateral agreements. 

A delegation of the Croatian Ministry of Defence, headed by the Assistan Minister for Material Resources, Viktor Koprivnjak, visited Ukraine last week to verify the current situation with the overhaul of the Croatian MiG aircraft assigned to Ukraine and was informed that the problems related to the installation of the navigation systems have been resolved.

The testing equipment of all components of the air navigation system has demonstrated the overall aircraft functioning properly. The Ukrainian and Czech team working in the Odesaviaremservis“ Overhaul Department have jointly checked five aircraft ready for the preliminary takeover by Croatian experts.
The Croatian inspection team, composed of the leader of the Project Team, two trial pilots and four overhaul supervision experts) is travelling to Ukraine within the next days to conduct the preliminary inspection of the aircraft to confirm the condition and the transportability of the aircraft.

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