10th CAF cadet generation oath ceremony in Zagreb

10th  generation of cadets of the Croatian Armed Forces will solemnly sworn in on Saturday, November 10, starting at 11.00 hours at the Croatian Military Academy “Petar Zrinski”.

The oath ceremony will be attended by the Deputy Minister of Defence Višnja Tafra, Chief of General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Drago Lovrić, Director of the Croatian Military Academy “Petar Zrinski,” Lieutenant General Slavko Barić, and the attendance of the Croatian President and Commander in Chief of the Croatian Armed Forces, Ivo Josipović, is also expected.

The Ministry of Defence signed a contract for a total of 56 scholarships with students – cadets of the 10th generation who are educated through a model of civil-military education at the University of Zagreb and Split. From 56 cadets in the 10th generation, 10 are women and 46 are men.