Ispraćaj 11. hrvatskog kontingenta u misiju Resolute Support

Svečani ispraćaj 11. hrvatskog kontingenta (HRVCON) u misiju potpore miru Resolute Support u Afganistan, koji broji 110 pripadnika, održan je u srijedu, 4. rujna 2019. u vojarni “Pukovnik Marko Živković” na Plesu. Zapovjednik 11. HRVCON-a u misiji Resolute Support je brigadir Dragan Basić.

11st HRVCON sent-off to Afghanistan

The Commander of 11st HRVCON Colonel Dragan Basić: “The members of the 11th HRVCON manifest high trainedness, psychological and physical fitness, courage and responsibility“

A formal send-off ceremony for the 11st HRVCON to Resolute Support Mission was held in the barracks “Pukovnik Marko Živković” at Pleso on 4 September 2019. The Contingent is composed of 110 members (seven females), and is commanded by Colonel Dragan Basić.

The forces of 39 countries (27 NATO nations) are engaged in the area of the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan.

Ispraćen 11. hrvatski kontingent u Afganistan
Ministar obrrane RH Damir Krstičević | Foto: MORH / M. Čobanović

Alongside the Contingent members’ family members and friends, the formal ceremony was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević (as Envoy of the Prime Minister), by the Envoy of the President of the Republic and the Defence and National Security Advisor Zrinko Petener, by the Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces General Mirko Šundov, by the Special Advisor to the Defence Minister Božo Kožul, by defence attaches of the partner countries and representatives of the Ministry of Defence and of the Croatian Armed Forces.

The send-off ceremony began with the minute of silence observed in honour to Cpl Josip Briški, a member of the 10th HRVCON killed in an attack in Afghanistan.

Krstičević: Family support is invaluable

Minister Damir Krstičević expressed gratitude to all members of the Croatian Armed Forces and their support during the pre-deployment:
“I wish to thank you for the understanding and the support for the profession of your family members; your support to them is invaluable and I wish to encourage and motivate you to continue doing so during their service in Afghanistan“.

The Minister had met with the Contingent members prior to their departure and said the Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces and he saw for themselves their readiness for the mission “We share the conviction that the Croatian contingent is ready for the task and that its duty is to represent the Republic of Croatia and contribute to peace and security“.

Speaking of the current situation and reminding of the recent tragic death of Cpl Josip Briški the Minister emphasised that the circumstances of deployment in Resolute Support constantly changed and that the situation in Afghanistan was complex th and said:
“As wartime commander I experienced losing a soldier in combat – the hardest feeling! Therefore we have to be aware of the circumstances in the environment and mission-focussed. The Croatian Government is closely following the current situation and is ready to make just and timely decisions“.

The Minister concluded by wishing the Contingent members safe deployment and return home.

The President’s Envoy Zrinko Petener in his address said: “By participating in multinational operations the Croatian Armed Forces defend the national interests and deters the threats to our country alongside the allies“.

General Šundov: The Contingent members are expected to act as professionals and model soldiers

Ispraćen 11. hrvatski kontingent u Afganistan
Načelnik Glavnog stožera OSRH general zbora Mirko Šundov | Foto: MORH / M. Čobanović

The Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces General Mirko Šundov said he expected from all members to carry out the assigned tasks as professionals , to adhere to the security procedures and to show respect for each other. “I am convinced that your efforts will assist the Afghan National Security Forces to assume the responsibility for the situation in their country and to build safety and peace for their people“. General Šundov also extended appreciation to the Contingent members and their families.

Colonel Basić: Members of the 11st HRVCON are ready for all tasks

The Commander of the 11st HRVCON Colonel Dragan Basić said the members of the Contingent achieved the required level of readiness for the mission, following the pre-deployment training and evaluation: “ The members of the 11th HRVCON manifest high trainedness, psychological and physical fitness, courage and responsibility“.

Ispraćen 11. hrvatski kontingent u Afganistan
11. HRVCON | Foto: MORH / M. Čobanović

Sergeant Major Elvis Čanković will be assigned as a multinational unit CSEL and will act as an advisor to an Afghan NCO:“There is a lot of work to be done, but we have prepared and we know what are do and where we are going to“.

“We are making efforts to protect peace and security of our homeland and of the countries that need our assistance. Serving in the mission is an opportunity for professional development and competence building and to overcome new challenges“, said Sergeant First Class Maja Vučić, ahead of her third deployment to a peace mission.

The members of the 11st HRVCON to RS will be assigned to the Train Advise and Assist Command – North stationed in Mazar-e Sharif and to Resolute Support Mission Command in Kabul, taking over the duty from the previous Contingent. In addition to the staff duties in the two commands the members of the 11st HRVCON will be engaged as advisors to the members of the Afghan Army, police and special forces, as force protection to advisors and advisor teams , medical duties and military policing. The 11st HRVCON comprises 38 members of armed forces of partner countries (27 members of the Army of Montenegro, seven members of the Army of North Macedonia, two members of the Armed Forces of Albania and two members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina).

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