Plovidba prvog naraštaja kadeta Vojnog pomorstva brodom ŠB-72

Foto: MORH / M. Čobanović

1st generation of naval cadets complete nautical practice

The first generation of cadets of Military Nautical Studies completed the five-day sailing practice aboard a Croatian Navy vessel, conducted in the central and south Adriatic acquatories

The first generation of cadets of the Military Nautical Studies in Split on 17 July 2019 concluded their nautical practice conducted aboard the ŠB-72 “Andrija Mohorovičić” training ship of the Croatian Navy; it was the first nautical opportunity of the kind for the Croatian cadets.

Under the monitoring of two instructors of the Croatian Defence Academy –Commander (N) Slaven Sučević and Lieutenant Commander Tin Sumić, cadets spent navigating through central and south Adriatic (the route Split- Vis- Stari Grad Hvar – Korčula-Dubrovnik – Palagruža- Split) in the period 13 – 17 July 2019.

During the sailing the cadets (N =33 )familiarised with the life aboard a Navy vessel and took the practical training in the subjects of Navigation I, Navigation II and Security at Sea.

“The objective of the first sailing is familiarisation with the basics of navigation, ropes, manoeuvres and mastering basic navigation instruments and lifesaver equipment. The cadets did an excellent job resolving a demanding task. This was their first time aboard a ship and they took the ship familiarisation course, including the ship crew, the routine on board the ship and its specificities“, said Commander (N) Slaven Sučević on return to the port, extending appreciation to the crew of the “Andrija Mohorovičić” Training Ship for their valuable contribution to the cadet training quality.

During their first sailing the cadets were engaged in a real search- and- rescue action at sea; in co-operation with the NMCC in Rijeka the ship was directed in south aquatory of the island of Korčula and searched the assigned area. “The cadets were given an opportunity to get acquainted with the service aboard a vessel specialised for search and rescue, which will help them in their future career“, said Lt. Comm. Tin Sumić

Cadet Petar Vukšić expressed appreciation on behalf of the cadets for the productive practice programme and to the ship commander and crew for the expertise passed on them: “We practiced all seamen tasks required. The hardest segment were the navigation charts. We learned of the many details to mind and of the need for constant alert“.

The nautical practice concludes each academic year of Military Maritime Studies – a five-year integrated undergraduate and graduate studies educating future officers of the Croatian Armed Forces.

The programme also prepares the future staff for the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure and of the Ministry for the Interior. It is a joint project of the Croatian Defence Academy “Dr. Franjo Tuđman” and the University of Split, and comprises Military Nautical Studies and Military Marine Engineering. The programme also entails military training and nautical practice.

The programme offers theory and practice classes and the familiarisation with expert and science principles and procedures of relevance for the nautics and the critical nautical skills: navigation, manoeuvering, maintenance, cargo handling and other procedures in accordance with the International Convention and other international and national standards.

The programme is administered by the staff of the University of Split alongside the staff of the Croatian Defence Academy and of the Ministry of Defence, in special classrooms and cabinets of in the Barracks “Admiral flote Sveto Letica-Barba” and in the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split. In autumn 2019 the programme will receive the second generation of cadets.