Vježba je provedena u cilju provjere spremnosti bitnice samohodnih višecjevnih lansera raketa (SVLR), temeljne sastavnice 5. hrvatskog kontingenta | Foto: 5. HRVCON / M. Škovrlj

5th  HRVCON takes part in LFX “Storm”

The Exercise “Storm” was conducted to test the readiness of the MRLS Battery which is the main component of the 5th HRVCON. 

The tactical live-fire Exercise “Storm”, engaging the 5th HRVCON and the U.S. component of NATO EFP Battlegroup, was concluded in the training range Gaudynek in Poland on 11 February 2020. 

The objective of the Exercise was to test the readiness of the MRLS Battery (the main component of the 5th HRVCON) to perform the mission-critical tactical procedures within the overall task of providing fire support to the manoeuvre forces. 

All the tasks were fulfilled successfully, through coordinated procedures performed by the Battery and the U.S. component, including the fire support company team and radar squad, and by the U.S. officers of the Battery command. This further upgraded the interoperability within the Battlegroup. 

Notwithstanding the hard weather conditions at day and night time activities, the members of the HRVCON displayed high motivation and commitment. 

The Vulkan MRLS and individual equipment and weapons were presented in a static display following the Exercise. 

The Croatian soldiers, the members of the armed forces of Romania and of the United Kingdom make part of the U.S.-led Battlegroup assigned to the 15th Mechanised Brigade of the Polish Armed Forces. The main task of the Battlegroup – Poland is joint training and upgrade of interoperability among the allies in NATO EFP.