Adriatic Sea Defense and Aerospace Exhibition and Conference (ASDA 2013)

At the occasion of the second Adriatic Sea Defense and Aerospace Exhibition and Conference a press conference was held in Split on 9 April 2013.

The speakers  – the Assistant Minister of Defence, Viktor Koprivnjak, the Croatian Navy Commander, Cdre Robert Hranj and the Head of the ASDA Executive Committee, Lt.Col. Roman Mikulić, presented the activities planned within the framework of the Exhibition.

The second Adriatic Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition and Conference 2013 will take place in the Spaladium Arena Hall in Split from 24 – 26 April 2013, under the auspices of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. The Exhibition organiser is the U. S. TNT Production Inc., specialised in organisation of international exhibitions and fairs.

Over 100 firms from the region and wider, as well as a number of senior delegations are expected to attend the ASDA 2013  to use the opportunity to see the state-of-the-art defence technology and to expand business contacts and military technical co-operation.

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia is providing support to the Exhibition to be held in Croatia with the intent to open the door to expanded presence of the Croatian defence industry in the international market, particularly in the southeast Europe region. The ASDA is becoming a tradition and confirming its place in the calendar of international events of the kind. Following the first ASDA, held in 2011 in Split, the TNT Inc. and the Ministry of Defence agreed on organising the next ASDA two years later on a biannual basis, with Split as host for another time. The Spaladium Arena Hall in Split provides the showroom, which offers the possiblity of relying on the resources from the adjacent Croatian Navy Base „Lora“.
The ASDA 2011 was attended by as many as 138 exhibitors (54 domestic and 84 foreign) from 23 countries, and was visited by 18 foreign senior delegations from the defence or Armed Forces equipping sector.

Media representatives who intend to cover the events within the ASDA 2013 in the Spaladium Arena Hall in Split from 24-26 April 2013 are advised to register online via the Ministry of Defence official e-mail address by Monday 22 April 2013 at the latest. The registration should contain name and family name, personal identification number, media title, journalist card number and cell phone number.

More information about the ASDA can be obtained the Ministry of Defence’s web site – banner ˝Aktualno – ASDA 2013“.