Foto: CHENS 2019

Cdre Raffanelli attends CHENS in Lisbon

The Commander of the Croatian Navy, Commodore Ivo Raffanelli attended the Chiefs of European Navies (CHENS) meeting held in Lisbon, Portugal 9 – 10 May2019.

The meeting gathered the commanders of the navies of 24 countries and representatives of the EU and NATO. The host of the Meeting was the Portuguese Navy, and the attendees were received by the President of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. The atteddees visited the offshore patrol vessel of the Portuguese Navy and the maritime museum and familiarised themselves with the cultural heritage and centuries-long martitime tradition of Portugal. 

The Meeting featured presentations and panels on the role of unmanned systems and other modern technologies in naval operations, on dual civil-military use in maritime environments and and their physical and cyber vulnerability. The CHENS agreed on the need for intensified co-operation of all institutions in the development and application of new technologies, oriented on the safeguard of common interests in the protection of maritime security and of the maritime environment.

The CHENS is an annual forum of commanders of EU and partner countries navies; the chairmanships changes on a rotating basis, and the meeting was concluded with the takeover of CHENS leader duty between the Commander of the Portuguese Navy and the commander of the Armed Forces of Malta, to host the CHENS 2020.

Foto: CHENS 2019