Croatian Armed Forces take part in the Campaign “Green Sweep –a Day for a Cleaner Environment”

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia took action for the second time in the environment protection campaign titled “Green Sweep – a Day for a Cleaner Environment”, held for the second consecutive year in Croatia too within the global movement known as „Lets Do It – World Cleanup 2013“and contributed to its success.


Yesterday, on 19 April 2013 Croatian Army members, employing the respective machinery, engaged in cleaning wild depots at locations across the territory of Croatia (in Vinkovci, Osijek, Karlovac, Ogulin and Knin), which resulted in cca 1000 m² of surface cleaned and over 100 m³ of different waste disposed of .

Croatian Navy dispatched two diving teams of the Flotilla and the Naval Training Centre, who took part in the underwater cleaning of the port in front of the Oceanographic Institute in Split, cleaning up some 1000 m2 of different waste, including iron scrap, tyres and the like.

Croatian Air Force and Air Defence took part in cleaning in the Zadar County, at a location in the Zemunik Barracks close surrounding, removing over two tons of waste.

On the eve of the Earth Day, the cadets of the Croatian Armed Forces joined the Campaign too at the Savski most in Zagreb, assisted among others by the President of the Republic, Ivo Josipović, who commended the organisers as well as the participants of the Campaign and stated that greater care of the environment should be taken and the citizens’ awareness raised on the need of reduced generation and smarter disposal of waste.

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia have taken action in the environment cleaning campaigns for years. Especially worthwhile is the participation of the Army in cleaning up of the debris left from the Homeland War in the town of Vukovar for the third consecutive year.

Likewise, the helicopter squadron members of the 93rd Croatian Air Force Base at Zemunik have participated in removing the chassis of bulky waste and automotive chassis from mountainous and hardly accessible areas in Croatia (such as the mountains of Dinara and Biokovo, and the Dupci pass near Omiš), while the Navy divers have regularly engaged in the cleanup of the Adriatic seabed.

The Campaign “Green Sweep – a Day for a Cleaner Environment” is conducted within the global movement titled “Let’s do it!” and the world-wide campaign known as the “World Cleanup 2013“, aimed at raising the awareness of the citizens on the need of careful waste management and crowned by a cleanup of waste dumps. Same as in 2012, a large number of volunteers, scouts, sport and other associations announced their participation, and the Campaign organiser expects several thousands of participants and a large number of waste depots cleaned. .

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