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Svečano obilježavanje 28. obljetnice HRM-a u Dubrovniku | Foto: MORH / M. Čobanović

Croatian Navy marks 28th anniversary in Dubrovnik

Minister Krstičević: Proud of Croatian Navy members, celebrating Navy Day in Dubrovnik

The main ceremony marking the 28th anniversary of the Croatian Navy and the return of the 2nd HRVCON to NATO’s “Sea Guardian” was held in Dubrovnik on 20 September 2019.

The ceremony was attended by the Defence and National Security Advisor to the President Zrinko Petener, by the Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević, by the Mayor of Dubrovnik Mato Franković as Envoy of the Speaker of the Croatian Parliament, by the Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces General Mirko Šundov, by the Deputy Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Drago Matanović, by the advisors to the Defence Minister and the commanders of the services of the Croatian Armed Forces, by the Commander of the Croatian Navy Rear Admiral Ivo Raffanelli, Deputy Prefect of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County Joško Cebalo, by the defence attachés, by students of the Military Maritime Studies and by the families of the fallen defenders.

The marking of the anniversary commenced with the reveille song in the main street in Dubrovnik, performed by the Croatian Navy Orchestra, followed by the formal line-up of the Navy members, and continued with a ceremony held in the Croatian National Theatre in Dubrovnik.

Goran Resovac

Krstičević: The Government returned the Croatian Armed Forces to south of Croatia

The Minister congratulated the Croatian Navy members behalf of the Prime Minister and paid respects to all Croatian defenders of Dubrovnik.

The Minister recalled the huge contribution of the Croatian Navy in the Homeland War, particularly the naval infantry, which had been re-established in the previous year locating the Croatian Armed Forces back to south of Croatia. The Minister expressed belief in the economic and security benefit of their presence in south and underlined the major efforts invested to modernise the Croatian Navy and to enable it to keep up with the current security trends.

“The overhaul and procurement of engines for two missile boats in 2020 will create conditions to procure strategic armaments in the Adriatic Sea“, said the Minister, announcing the procurement of another inshore patrol vessel.

The Minister also mentioned the Agreement signed with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transportation and Infrastructure, regulating the status of the seamen and their service in the Croatian Navy and in the Coast Guard. Addressing the development of the Coast Guard capability and the development of the Croatian Navy the Minister hightlighted the new studies programme – Military Maritime Studies, launched in 2018.

The Minister extended congratulations to the members of the 2nd HRVCON on their recent honourable service in the peace support operation “Sea Guardian”.

Minister Krstičević: The Croatian Armed Forces are losely tied to the Croatian people

Stating that the Croatian Navy was the essential factor of Croatian maritime security in the Adriatic and guarded the Croatian interests in the Mediterranean, Minister Krstičević noted: “The current Government recognised the strategic importance of the development of the Croatian Navy for the Republic of Croatia and has invested efforts to upgrade the living and working conditions and to provide them the necessary conditions to complete their demanding tasks. The Croatian Armed Forces are closely tied to the Croatian people, which appreciates it”.

Congratulations to Croatian Navy members were extended by the Envoy of the President of the Republic of Croatia Zrinko Petener and by the Mayor of Dubrovnik from the Speaker of the Croatian Parliament Mato Frankovic, both of whom emphasising the great historical legacy of the Croatian Navy, its centuries-old tradition, the invaluable role during the Homeland War defending and liberating south Croatia, as well as the importance of investing into the equipment and the personnel to enhance security in the Adriatic Sea and contribution to the international maritime security.


General Šundov: Croatian Navy continues the tradition of its founders

The Croatian Navy seamen received congratulations from the Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces General Mirko Šundov, expressing piety for the fallen, deceased and missing defenders veterans, and appreciation to all commanders who had helped the Croatian Navy develop with their work, enthusiasm and patriotism.

General Šundov recalled the historic times of the establishment of the Croatian Navy and its first vessel – the No-103 landing craft seized from the Yugoslav Navy from 14 – 15 September 1991, and underlined the importance of the Armed Boats Squadron Dubrovnik.
Dubrovnik during the siege of the town and blockade running actions in 1991 and during the Homeland War and the liberating operations.

“You continue the glorious tradition of the former Navy generations. OVer the past years you have made efforts to learn new things and pass them on the younger, you have acquired new knowledge and skills and adapted successfully to new tasks. You have taken part in international peace support operations and missions and exercises with other allied and partner countries, proudly represent the Croatian Armed Forces and the Croatian flag”.

Rear Admiral Raffanelli: HRM is the guard of Croatia’s maritime security and defence

The Croatian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ivo Raffanelli in his address recalled the establishment of the Croatian Navy during the Homeland War, highlighting the essential role of the Armed Forces Squad and the brave defenders of Dubrovnik. RAdm Raffanelli said that the Croatian Navy guarded security and defence of Croatia as a maritime country, and stressed that the development and modernisation of the Croatian Navy was proceeding well and upgraded the capabilities and the living and working conditions for the seamen.

The Navy Commander also said that its personnel – professional and responsible – was its most valuable asset, and that the challenges before them called even greater commitment.

New members of the Marine Infantry Company receive berets

The ceremony featured the presentation of promotions and awards for the meriting members and of berets for the new members of the Marine Infantry Company, and a performance of the Croatian Navy Mixed Choir and Orchestra.

Children from the elementary schools of Dubrovnik toured the vessels mooring in the Port of Gruž, and so did the citizens during the day.

New members of the Marine Infantry Company assigned berets

On the occasion of the anniversary, the most deserving were promoted and presented with awards, while the new members of the Naval Infantry Company were symbolically presented with the unit’s berets.

The ceremony featured performance by the Croatian Navy’s Mixed Choir and Orchestra.

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