Display of capabilities of the Croatian air force and the special forces command

The members of the Croatian Air Force and of the Special Forces Command of the Croatian Armed Forces conducted a Joint Demonstration Exercise.

The demonstration is conducted in four phases showcasing various capabilities applied in special air operations.

The display kicks off with a flypast by two Pilatus PC-9M aircraft, followed by arrival of two OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters conducting area surveillance.

Following the infiltration with motor vehicles and helicopters, the Special Forces Command (40 members) will establish a Tactical Operations Centre (TOC).

The infiltration by two Mi-171Sh helicopters will be followed by a request for Close Combat Attack (CCA) by OH 58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters, directed by Joint Terminal Attack Controller from a forward position.

As soon as the conditions allow, the forces will be exfiltrated by air on board of two Mi-171Sh helicopters, and the Special Forces Command forces will be infiltrated by land vehicles.

The Exercise will conclude with a demonstration of capabilities of halt of vehicles in movement with two Mi-171Sh helicopters, supervised by two OH-58D helicopters.