Novim vođama HV-a uručene značke i diplome na Kninskoj tvrđavi | Foto: MORH / T. Brandt

First generation of Primary Leaders Course conclude training at Knin Fortress

Krstičević: “A new chapter of the Croatian Armed Forces under the motto: The future belongs to the brave“

The bells of the church in Knin and the honorary volley of the Šibenik Guards marked the arrival of 43 trainees of the first generation of Primary Leaders Training Centre “Marko Babic” to the closing ceremony held at the Knin Fortress on 28 October 2019.

The new leaders of the Croatian Armed forces were presented with badges and diplomas at the Fortress by the Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević by the Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces, General Mirko Šundov, by the Special Advisor to the Defence Minister Lieutenant General (Ret.) Ante Gotovina and by the Deputy Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Drago Matanović.

Damir Krstičević
Novim vođama HV-a uručene značke i diplome na Kninskoj tvrđavi | Foto: MORH / T. Brandt

Congratulating the participants on the successful completion of the demanding training, Minister Krstičević said that they had displayed outstanding abilities and a victorious character characteristic of Croatian soldiers and that the future of the Croatian Armed Forces was in the hands of the bravest.

“The completion of the training of primary leaders opens a new chapter in the training of the Croatian Armed Forces and is a guarantee of their future and direction for the development of the Croatian Army. This marked the beginning of a new period, the drill of NCO corps at junior tactical levels, who will lead soldiers in combat if need be“, said the Minister Krsticevic.

“The future belongs to the brave. Dare to be leaders and lead by your own example. Sweat spares blood. The Croatian Armed Forces is a victorious military“, said the Minister in his address to the first generation of the training in the Primary Leaders Training Centre.

Hrvatska vojska
Novim vođama HV-a uručene značke i diplome na Kninskoj tvrđavi | Foto: MORH / T. Brandt

The Minister reminded that General Ante Gotovina had recognised the value of NCO training during the Homeland War.

“The NCO training centre at Šepurine brought up stronger, unstoppable Croatian soldiers, as evidenced in the victorious operations of the Homeland War , particularly in the „“Lightning“ and “Storm“, which was the motive to establish a centre of the kind for the modern Croatian Armed Forces, as the Minister explained.

Leaders must understand soldiers and lead by their own example

“I wish that the leaders have understanding for soldiers and to lead them with their own example. The human resources are the essential component, and the present Croatian Government has made efforts to valorise them, and the establishment of the Primary Leaders Training Centre is a step towards a modern military system ready to respond to any security threats“.

Hrvatska vojska
Novim vođama HV-a uručene značke i diplome na Kninskoj tvrđavi | Foto: MORH / T. Brandt

The goal is to train as many officers and NCOs, said the Minister and announced three new terms planned in 2020, to enlarge the pool of candidates who will eventually implement the acquired knowledge and skills in the units.

“The training is envisaged to become international, to promote relations and interoperability with NATO partners. The Minister also stated that “let the march remind you of the sacrifice of the Croatian defenders for the victory and freedom which Croatia had yearned for for centuries.“

General Ante Gotovina: Primary Leaders Course produces top-trained leaders

General Ante Gotovina said the training at the Primary Leaders Training Centre ensures top-trained leaders, whose knowledge and skills guarantee readiness of the Croatian Armed Forces. „My congratulations and best wishes for succeess in any mission assigned go to each of these young trainee“.

General Šundov: The leaders Croatian Armed Forces need

General Šundov underlined the differences in training administered by the former training centre at Šepurine and the new one administered at Udbina, as a result of different organisation and equippedness of the Croatian military and modern-day security threats.

Hrvatska vojska
Novim vođama HV-a uručene značke i diplome na Kninskoj tvrđavi | Foto: MORH / T. Brandt

“We are therefore happy to inaugurate the first generation of trainees, and I wish to extend my congratulations to them for successfully completing the training. Keep our heroes – Marko Babić and brave defenders from the Homeland War as your model and inspiration in overcoming challenges to become leaders followed by their soldiers and respected by their commanders“, said General Šundov.

The Commander of the Primary Leaders Training Centre “Marko Babić“ Lieutenant Colonel Tomislav Kasumović said that the 6-week training showed that the new leaders of the Croatian Armed Forces fully justified selection.

The best trainee St.Sgt. Čavić: the training is what Croatian soldiers need

The best trainee, Sgt. Hrvoje Čavić was presented with an award by the Defence Minister Damir Krstičević, and shared his pride and honour over taking part.

“I am honoured and proud to have taken part in the march dedicated to the fallen Croatian defenders and military war invalids and be here today on my birthday. The training has been a unique experience, and just what Croatian soldiers need. I am glad with my performance and am looking forward to applying what I have learned in my unit“, said St.Sgt Čavić.

The ceremony at the Knin Fortress featured a performance by the Croatian Navy’s Vocal Ensemble “Sveti Juraj“ , and presentation of Minister Krstičević with a beret with the badge of “Marko Babić“ Primary Leaders Training Centre in recognition for his contribution.