First “Cisco Academy” training cycle completed

By delivering of diplomas on successful completion of the local “Cisco Academy”, eleven participants of the first generation completed a two-month training cycle at the “Petar Zrinski” Croatian Military Academy (CMA) on Friday, April 2.

“This training for the modern technology is necessary for the functioning of the communication-information system, and training within a system allows faster training of employees and saves resources”, explained Major Davor Dabo, training program manager.
Congratulating the participants from various organizational units of the defence system, among whom the best was Josip Katic from the MOD Information and Communication Technology Department; Major Dabo said that from twelve students eleven successfully completed the training program, adding that the total percentage of their knowledge was 88%, which is 10% above world’s average.
CMA Director Major General Mirko Sundov also congratulated the participants, expressing his satisfaction with the success of students, thanking them for the efforts made. “Cisco Academy” exists in more than 160 countries, many armies of the world have incorporated it in their education systems, with more than 800 thousand students per year.