HRVCON Member suffers hand injury

In conduct of the previously planned activities at the shooting range of the Camp Marmal in Mazar-e-Sharif in north Afghanistan Pvt. I.O. of the 21st HRVCON to ISAF in Afghanistan hurt her left hand in contact with the cogwheel of the turret of the Hummer vehicle.

The injury was characterised as severe, affecting more fingers of the left hand, and Pvt. O. received the treatment by the HRVCON physician to be later transported to the hospital at the Camp Marmal for surgical treatment, which was successfully completed several hours ago.

The wounded private is recovering in the hospital of the Camp Marmal. She is in a stable condition and within the next days is to be re-deployed to Croatia for further treatment.

The 21st HRVCON Commander, Col. Krešo Tuškan ordered formation of a Board to examine the circumstances of the accident.