Školski brod Ratne mornarice Talijanske Republike od 10. do 13. kolovoza u posjetu je Hrvatskoj ratnoj mornarici i gradu Splitu | Foto: HRM

Italian Navy’s Training Ship “Palinuro” visits Croatian Navy

From 10 – 13 August the Croatian Navy and Split were visited by the Italian Navy Training Ship “Palinuro“

The ship’s commanding staff headed by Commander (N) Andrea di Natale was welcomed by Deputy Commander of the Croatian Navy Training Centre “Petar Krešimir IV” Colonel Veseli Balić, and Lieutenant Colonel Branimir Gaćina-Bilin delivered a presentation on the Centre, and the two sides discussed education and training opportunities offered by the respective navies.

The “Palinuro” sailing vessel is 68.95 m long, with a 10-m breadth and 4.85 m draught . Its crew is composed of seven officers , 25 NCOs and 68 seamen. It sails at a speed of eight knots, and can reach 13 knots. It is used as training vessel for the cadets of the “Mariscuola Taranto” Petty Officer Academy School , and for marine research.

It was launched in Nantes. France in 1934, and has been in service of the Italian Navy since 1955. Its sailing slogan is “Faventibus Ventis”(Lat. Favouring winds).