Ministar Krstičević i general Šundov s braćom Sinković

Sinkovic Brothers | Foto: MoD Croatia / T. Brandt

Minister and Chief of GS meet with world rowing champions

“For all our success, we strive to stay realistic and humble and to give back to the society”, say Sinković brothers

The Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičevićand the Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces General Mirko Šundov on 5 September 2019 met with the top athletes and contract reserve members of the Croatian Armed Forces – brothers Martin and Valent Sinković to congratulate them on their respectable sporting achievements.

Minister Krstičević: Proud to have you in the Croatian Armed Forces

Minister Krstičević congratulated the most trophied Croatian rowers for defending the men’s double sculls champions title at the World Championships in Linz –Ottensheim and expressed pride over the brothers Sinković serving in the Croatian Armed Forces.

“Working hard and reaping excellent results you continuously promote the Croatian sport and the Republic of Croatia worldwide. I wish you new successes and excellent ranking at the next Olympic Games in Tokyo. We are proud to have such excellent members of the Croatian Armed Forces”, said Minister Krstičević.

Ministar Krstičević i general Šundov s braćom Sinković
Potpredsjednik Vlade i ministar obrane Damir Krstičević | Foto: MORH | T. Brandt

“You have shown to the world that hard work and the sacrifice of preparing for the excellent sport results as yours are worth it; you have made us proud and you prove that sporting spirit and soldier stamina are a winning combination” said the Minister.

General Šundov appreciated the Sinković brothers for an excellent job promoting Croatia

Ministar Krstičević i general Šundov s braćom Sinković
Načelnik GS OSRH general zbora Mirko Šundov | Foto: MORH / T. Brandt

“Top athletes are a proof that the human potential of the Croatian Armed Forces. Martin and Valent, you are top athletes and your behaviour is a model for all young people in Croatia. I wish that you achieve top results at the Olympic Games and retain your high ranking“, said General Šundov.

The Defence and National Security Advisor to the President Zrinko Petener forwarded the President’s commendations.

Sinković brothers: We enjoy strong support from the Croatian Armed Forces

Martin and Valent Sinković have been members of the Croatian Armed Forces since 2011 and shared their satisfaction and pride over the support and enthousiasm from the Croatian people over their successes.

“I thank the Minister for the support and for the invitation. I have to say that the Croatian Armed Forces also have done a lot for us too.

The support we enjoy from the Croatian Armed Forces as contract reservists has been further expanded with the possibility for the athletes and physicians to remain serving after turning 28, so we can focus on sport and competitions.

We are proud to belong to the Croatian Armed Forces and to have an opportunity to promote them, and to set a model of living and working“, said Martin Sinković.

“We hope other memberts will follow our example and work even harder and humbly. We strive to stay realistic humble and to work hard and give back to the society“, said Martin Sinković .

“I agree with my brother: it is of great value for us to know that we will have a job in the Croatian Armed Forces;we are proud to be a part of them and sharing the same values – the victorious spirit, and the awareness that working humbly you can reach the top and win“, said Valent Sinković.

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