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Minister Krstičević congratulates medal winners Ivan Kvesić and Anton Glasnović

“Continue representing Croatia in best way possible“

The Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević congratulated the top athlete reservists of the Croatian Armed Forces Ivan Kvesić and Anton Glasnović on the medals won at international competitions.

Contract reservist Ivan Kvesić won the bronze medal in the < 84 kilo category at the World Karate League Tournament in Tokyo, which is an olympic qualification competition for the 2020 Olympics.

Contract reservist Anton Glasnović was a part of the men’s trap shooting team (including Josip Glasnović and Marko Germin) winning the silver medal at the European Championships in Lonato, Italy.

“Dear John, Dear Anton,

I am congratulating you and your teams on the scores achieved on behalf of all members of the Croatian Armed Forces and of the personnel of the Ministry of Defence and on my personal behalf.

I am proud that you belong to the family of the Croatian Armed Forces and continuously display patriotism and promote your homeland. I wish you a lot of success in your future careers and call on you to continue representing Croatia and its Armed Forces the best way possible wherever you compete”, said the Minister in his congratulations